How much do you charge for a Shabbaton?

We don’t charge at all!

We all have jobs and careers, but we volunteer our time and talent to do this because we have a purpose and a mission. If your Shabbaton will help further that mission, then we want to partner with you at no cost. However, we are will ask to be reimbursed for travel cost if there is any at all.

If you are looking for entertainment for any other event, albeit for a great cause, we are not the group you’re looking for.

What is your mission?

To help Jewish Outreach organisations all over the country spread the beauty, joy and relevance of the Torah and Shabbat with our Jewish brethren.

Our mission is really based on two ideas:

  1. It begins with the premise and deep recognition that all Jews are brothers and sisters, regardless of what they may or may not wear on their heads! So, instead of just being saddened by the lack of unity in the Jewish community, we decided that we can do something to reach out and build bridges, thus, bringing us closer to the natural oneness that began at Mount Sinai and will lead us to our final redemption. “A Shabbaton with the Traveling Chassidim is a beautiful experience of Jewish Unity at its best.”.
  2. To shatter the misconception that Shabbat is restrictive, prayer is boring, and the Torah way of life is… archaic, which is the greatest barrier keeping Jews from exploring all that their rich heritage has to offer. A Shabbaton with The Travelling Chassidim will demonstrate that Judaism is in fact, joyful, meaningful, and relevant.

Do you have any requirements?

We are a pretty flexible group. However, of course, there are the basic requirements of Kosher food and comfortable accommodation, details that can be worked out when booking a Shabbaton.

Is it a ‘men only’ affair or do you arrive with your families?

The Travelling Chassidim come as a group of families. Our children are an important part of the group,  particularly in accomplishing our first goal: to build bridges. The visiting families bond with the hosting community, creating a warm atmosphere. Anyone who attended a Travelling Chassidim Shabbaton can attest to this! In many cases, families create long-lasting relationships.

Is your group part of – or affiliated with a larger organisation?

Yes, we are officially part of The World of Belz, which is under the guidance and leadership of grand Rabbi Rokeach of Belz in Jerusalem. The Rabbi gave his blessing to our initiative The initiative was inspired by Project Inspire and the teachings of the late great Rabbi Noah Weinberg of Aish Hatorah.

I attended a Shabbaton with you guys and I’m like… you MUST come to our community, but I’m not the Rabbi nor the Program Director. How can I convince them?

Here are a couple of tips:

  1. Talk to them about your experience and have them call us.
  2. Direct them to this website.
  3. They can call their colleagues from other Communities for reference (which we can happily provide).
  4. Most of all, tell them the secret – it might not even cost them a penny…

What is that fur hat that you guys wear on Shabbat?

This is the story. Many many years ago… Well, you’ll have to attend a Travelling Chassidim Shabbaton, and as a side benefit you will come to understand the background and significance of the “Shtreimel”.

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