Bringing You the Shabbaton of a Lifetime

We’re a group of Chassidic families who travel around the country. We bring with us classic Chassidic warmth and liveliness, and together with the special aura of Shabbos, we form a deep connection with the host community, resulting in a Shabbaton that is truly transformational.

"In an expertly woven medley of traditional song, soulful Chassidic nigunim and lively dancing, the troupe and community heralded this momentous Shabbos!"

— M. S.

"You enriched Shabbos beyond compare, and our whole community hopes we have the pleasure of your company again!"

— Maureen Feldman

"During the course of the Shabbos we were all witnesses to a heightened awareness and increased intensity of the light of yiddishkeit in our kehillah. May you all be a source of light and bracha for kehillos around the world!"

— Rabbi Hackenbroch

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