I loved the way people from all walks of life came together to daven to the One Hashem, regardless of their head covering.
As our Scholar in Residence, Rabbi Y. Y. Rubinstein said:

“We are neshomos (souls), not just black hats or kippot serugot (crocheted cupples)”.

Meade Hill Shul, Shabbat UK 2022

16 May, 2022

Eli Shebson

“Reb Menasche, As the dust starts to settle on what was an incredible ShabbatUK, I wanted to thank you, on behalf of the whole team, for all of your help in delivering the most fantastic ShabbatUK.  We so appreciate all of the moral support you gave us from across the corridor and also for all of the advice and suggestions that you sent our way throughout the campaign. Even though you weren’t able to join the Travelling Chassidim in Radlett (Mazal Tov!), we really appreciate all the effort you went to in making sure it was such a success. The highlights video from Radlett was my favourite video from ShabbatUK.  Thank you again for all of your support. Best wishes,
Eli Shebson, Project Officer
14 November, 2017

The voice of the soul, the sound of the heart

The atmosphere at the ShabbatUK 2022Kabbalat Shabbat was great. We received good feedback from our Shul members.
The dancing – some with the Travelling Chassidim’sshtreimlach on their heads – was lively and the joy on their faces genuine. R’ Shea Baum spoke from the heart and R’ Moshe Mordechai Meislik, the Chazzan did really well with harmonising from the chevrah.
We called davening for 7:30PM and we arrived home after 10PM; no one wanted to leave!
Continued Hatzlachah, Avraham

Avraham Citron
Sha'arei Mazal Tov
16 May, 2022

Thank you

13 Jan 2020, 16:46

Menasche and the Travelling Chassidim,

I wanted to thank you and members of the Travelling Chassidim for visiting our Carlton Avenue Home.
It’s so wonderful that you include our Norwood residents in your visit to Kenton Shul the residents and the staff are so delighted to see you.
We so value your input; it really ignites the spark of Yiddishkeit within our homes.
Dov Richman our Jewish Cultural Adviser and I are so very pleased that you take the time to visit Carlton Avenue.
Bvirkas kol tov,
(Rabbi) Stanley Coten
Rabbi Stanley Coten
9 May, 2022

I spent the ShabbatUK 2022 Friday night at Meade Hill shul with the Travelling Chassidim and the guest singer Rabbi Michoel Streicher.

They were absolutely brilliant and the singing was really beautiful.
Gershon Rose, Manchester
16 May, 2022

from our brethren in Bushey

Bushey Kehillah members freely shared their feelings of gratitude with their guests; here are some of the comments that were shared by participants:
“I had an amazing week, after such a wonderful Shabat with you. Thank you for coming”.
‘L’ writes in a message to a wife of one of the Travelling Chasidim: “Wow!” is all I can say… it was truly special to meet you. I feel so blessed to have had you come to our Bushey community. I can’t wait to see you soon.
‘J’ said that the inspiration from this Shabbos easily “did more than several lectures from a Rabbi”.
To quote one of the Shul’s committee members: “I was looking forward to teaching these Chassids a thing or two. Boy, did I make a mistake – I ended up learning quite a few things about life about Shabbos and about Yiddishkeit in general – a real eye opener!
From ‘J’ – one of the hosts: “We are so grateful that we were chosen as your hosts. We could not have asked for a better! You made our Shabbos so special. One that will live in my memory for many years. Your stories and smile were an inspiration to me. Always remember the cup is half full!! Thanks again.
‘P’ writes: “We both really enjoyed Shabbat with you all – there was a magical ruach around – we hope you will all make it back to Bushey in the not too distant future.”
from our brethren in Bushey
5 June, 2017

Hoping to do it again

Shabbat after ShabbatUK 2022,
Hi, just to say how geshmak it was having the Travelling Chassidim over for ShabbatUK. Both our family and the community derived so much energy and chizuk (=inspiration). The ruach (=high spirits) was really wonderful! Yasher Ko-ach (=thank you) and have a good Shabbos.

Rabbi Mordechai Wollenberg
20 May, 2022

Rabbi Yisroel Yosef Cyprys

“Dear ShabbatUK Team and to all this may concern, I would like to Thank You all for an amazing project and even more amazing implementation! [Interestingly, the last letters of ‘ThanK YoU’ can also stand for the UK in ShabbatUK]. I would also like to update you re the ShabbatUK celebrations at the New Synagogue, 9 Amhurst Park, Stamford Hill. As the large ShabbatUK banner was proudly displayed in our Shule, we enjoyed a special Kiddush so meticulously prepared by the capable Jonathan Yeshooa. All enjoyed a special visit from the ‘Traveling Chassidim’ Choir with Chazzan Moshe Meislek, under the auspices of Rabbi Menasche Scharf who kindly graces us with his continued support. The enthusiasm and ecstasy was tangible within the prayers and singing.  Also, my Droshoh focused, among other insights in the Parshah, on the dictum [Talmud, Taanit 10a] that prayers for rain in Israel for the whole nation waited (thereby overlooking the vast majority of the people’s own needs) and only began until after the very last Jew reached their home by the Euphrates river after the Sukkot pilgrimage on the 7th of MarCheshvon (Erev Shabbat this year) emphasising the display of Unity [Shabbat United Kingdom, also Shabbat being the prime opportunity to Unitedly serve (the Kingdom of) G-d]. All in all, it was a very uplifting experience for one and all.  Wishing you continued blessings and success, Rabbi Yisroel Yosef Cyprys”
Rabbi Yisroel Yosef Cyprys
21 November, 2018