The Travelling Chassidim

Yes, it’s that simple!

We’re a group of Chassidic families who travel around the country. We bring with us classic Chassidic warmth and liveliness, and together with the special aura of Shabbos, we form a deep connection with the hosting community, resulting in a Shabbaton that is truly transformational.

Shabbaton programmes vary with each community. Generally, we usher in the Shabbos with a stirring Kabbalat Shabbat – enhanced with a special Chassidic flavour. This is followed by a community meal replete with lively Zemirot and a Friday Night “Oneg” or “Tisch” with lots of singing and refreshments. The programme reaches its climax with the moving Havdalah service, Kumzitz and spirited dancing, accompanied by live music.

We manage to help each participant leap off their seat.

Our Mission

  • Number one: Unity

Jewish unity reaches new heights as we connect and bond with the community. From knitted kippah to Shtreymel, barriers fall away, arms are linked in inspirational song and spirited dance! Often, our Shabbatons result in long-lasting bonds of friendship. It begins with the premise and deep recognition that all Jews are brothers and sisters, children of Hashem, regardless of what they may or may not wear on their heads! So, instead of just being saddened by the lack of Jewish Unity in the Jewish Community, we decided that we can do something to reach out and build bridges, thus, bringing Jews closer and restoring the natural oneness that began at Har Sinai and will lead us to our final redemption.

  • Number two: Joy

Invigorate the community with some genuine Jewish spirit, see how the joy of Judaism comes alive!! The combination of contemporary Jewish songs, traditional Yiddish classics and heart-warming Chassidic storytelling is captivating. The excitement and energy we create lingers long after we’ve travelled home! The Travelling Chassidim is a part of the World of Belz Institutions, under the leadership and guidance of the Belze Rav of Jerusalem שליט”א. This initiative was inspired by Project Inspire and by the teachings of the late Rabbi Noach Weinberg זצ”ל of Aish HaTorah. The Shabbaton experience provides a model which portrays the potential joy and inspiration inherent in every Shabbos, in every prayer, (in every plate of Chulent!) and in every Jewish experience. One of our aims is to shatter the misconception residing in some minds that Shabbos is restrictive, prayer is boring, and the Torah way of life is… archaic. A Shabbaton with The Travelling Chassidim demonstrates that Judaism is in fact, joyful, meaningful, and relevant; let’s lower the barrier that is keeping our people from exploring all that Judaism has to offer.

The UK branch of the Travelling Chassidim, which was founded in the USA by Rabbi A. M. Royde of Monsey, NY – is a group of Chassidic families from London, Westcliff, Manchester and Antwerp who travel around the country free of charge, visiting Jewish communities for an enjoyable, uplifting Shabbos. The group was inspired by the teachings of the late Rabbi Noach Weinberg of Aish HaTorah, especially by his innovative Project Inspire initiative.

The Travelling Chassidim – a not-for-profit organisation – is part of the World of Belz institutions under the guidance and leadership of the Rebbe of Belz in Jerusalem, Eretz Israel.

Bringing with them classic Chassidic warmth and liveliness together with the special aura of the holy Shabbos, the Travelling Chassidim form a deep connection with the host community, resulting in a Shabbaton that is truly transformational, memorable and – sometimes even contagious…

On behalf of everyone at the Travelling Chassidim and the Jewish community at large, we are deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and send our heartfelt condolences to the Royal Family.

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